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Based Upon A Late Night Epiphany.

There’s a dearth of epidemic proportions in the city of Richmond. Not of history. Not of museums, art or otherwise. Nor of culturally influenced fare catering to every conceivable ethnic background. There’s plenty of restaurants on both sides of the water and stippling every little corner of the city. Two nationally renowned institutes of higher learning sit relatively within walking distance from each other. We’ve got every imaginable franchise restaurant worthy of note, with the palette expanding rapidly. The city’s on the cusp of becoming a bigger, more booming metropolis than my predecessors could’ve ever imagined. Shit, Southside is a Lee’s chicken restaurant away from becoming a city unto its own. So, what then, pray tell, is Richmond missing from its divergent regional diaspora?

A thriving nightclub scene.

As my comrade and I cruised down Broad and then Main Street and finally toward Shockoe Bottom the other night, it became eerily evident that the city becomes something of a rustic ghost town after the shops close. A small smattering of pubs and dive bars across the Bottom provide the necessary cures for those in need of liquid gold. Those pubs and dives also cater to a more melanin deficient demographic as well, not that they’d deny us entry. They’re simply not for US.

The two “club”(using the word loosely) lines we did see were more reminiscent of a lookbook diorama for “trap” fashionistas and the like. I digress, I was there at one point as well, many moons ago. The music appealed to some sensibilities then as some of it does now. The clothing did too. Tastes have matured since then on my part, but it seems as though the urban night life’s hasn’t. Not that they need a string orchestra or live band or anything. The only “club” that comes to mind as somewhat decent for those of my age group was Bliss, which has seemingly undergone more name and management changes in the past few years than _________. They had a somewhat stodgy dress code, decent drinks, and a few of the baddest bartenderladies I’d ever seen, with one in particular I’m still somewhat smitten with to this day (haha). They also had a sweatbox dungeon of a main dance floor downstairs that resembled the lower innards of a slave ship on more busy evenings. The upper room(upppperrrr rooooom) held, if I’m not mistaken, a private study looking room for indulging in cigars and the like that could be rented out for small gatherings. So they got it half right I’d say.

I’m knocking on 30’s door in a few months. I’d prefer not to be within city limits then if at all possible. While the Martini Kitchen in the Fan is good for the live band 35+ recently divorced trying to cut loose crowd, the mature 25-35 crowd has to shoehorn themselves into so few options or stay home. Its akin to partying with your embarrassing aunts and uncles. Either that or go slumming down the Bottom it seems. Maybe better acting clientele and better promotion would benefit. There’s a need (moreso a want, I’d wager) that hasn’t been met for myself and those like minded. My age group hasn’t been quite as vocal as necessary on this..maybe this is a good way to start bringing those small convos into a bigger forum.

Don’t get me started on the local “strip” clubs. You’d be reading all night.

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